Plz give me advise on building my own computer

Hi guys, This is my first thread, sorry if i post the thread in a wrong section. I am currently in Taiwan and there is another computex week in Taiwan, in my living area. I am thinking to build a new computer but i am not sure what part i should get, so far i plan to get:

Amd 2500+
Abit NF7-S
2x 256mb kingston ddr 400 Ram
A 400w Psu (still looking for brand)
HDD (I already got a 80gb one)
Liteon Combo drive
Cd rom (I already got one)

The thing i am stuck on is:

Graphic card: Some ppl advise me to buy 9600xt and some say 9800 pro. I am not sure which card to buy, i am looking for a card that can last long, not a card that dies really quickly.

Plz give me some ideas and also if u guys think there is a betta choice for some of the other part plz speak out. Thanx
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  1. both those cards are great;but the 9800 pro is better;than it also costs 150% the price of the 9600xp,personally I would pick the asus9600Xp for the bundled software with it(assuming it's also bundled with it in china).
  2. I recommand Fortron Source fsp350-60pn 350watt, for power supply. I got one in use, is excellent!
  3. Radeon 9600XT is a better value for money

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  4. I'd go with the Fortron Source FSP350-60PN. Fortron Source rates their power supplies more conservatively than other companies and this one outputs over 400W, even though it's rated at 350. It's the largest one they sell with a 120mm lid mounted fan, most cases mount the power supply upside-down where this fan will pull heat directly off the CPU. And due to it's large size it's very efficient and quiet.

    I use them in customers machines whenever I can.

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