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I've been watching movies on my tv thru my surround sound for a long time and today I plugged in the hdmi cable to do the same thing and sound only came out of my computer speakers. I went through the control panel to manage sound devices and when that window popped up it automatically switched over to the tv but the sound went away entirely. The surround sound box went into standby mode as if there was no longer audio to be picked up. Like I said I've done this quite a few times to watch movies on my tv. I usually take the hdmi cable out of my Xbox to do it. I am so confused. Please help.
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  1. the order you turn on devices can sometimes screw with autodetect.

    what are you doing differently now than you were doing before when everything worked fine?
  2. I've tried turning things on at different times because I've heard that. Even though it seems screwy to me. Shouldn't there be a way to turn off the auto detect?
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