Need a good pair of speakers for Games/Music for around $250

I'm having trouble deciding on 2.1 or 5.1 speakers. I realized I can get good 2.1 speakers for that price and maybe ok 5.1 for around that price but which would be better? I was considering the Corsair sp2500 speakers but I'm open to better options.
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  1. for most people a good pair of logitech speakers works out pretty well. for $250 though you could manage to get yourself an entry level receiver, sub, and front speakers from a home theater set. your choice.

    for $40-80 you can get a good 2.1 logitech
    for $200 you can get a good 5.1 logitech

    listen to any speakers before you buy them or you may be dissapointed.
  2. I was actually looking at the Klipsch hd300, Polk rm705 or the Logictech Z906 since the 5500 is just way too much. I can't decide which of the three is the best.
  3. from a quick peek it looks like the hd300 is a HTIB set released by klipsch. i remember seeing this or something similar when i was picking out my own speaker set. i didnt go with it because it wasn't quite what i wanted in a set.

    i ended up buying the big brother to the set.... the klipsch quintet IV speaker set and a 450w. if the hd300 is anything like its more expensive cousin it should be pretty good but give it a listen first. i think bestbuy has them on display. one thing of note: i tested out the PC speakers klipsch makes, the promedia 2.1 and they were not up to snuff.

    dont know anything about polk.

    all the logitech speakers i've ever owned, and those people i know have owned have sounded great for the price. i still have an old 5.1 set around that works and its over 6 years old.
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