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VIZIO 55" HDTV Wavy Static Distortion Flickering Lines on XBOX PS3

December 25, 2012 5:48:55 AM

VIZIO 55" XVT553SV HDTV Wavy Static Distortion Flickering Lines Interference Issues on XBOX PS3 Problems.

Here is the video I just recently uploaded to youtube:

I have 3 different consoles with 3 different HDMI cables that do nearly the same thing as the PS3 start up as you see in the video. It is not as nearly as bad as the PS3, the Xbox will start up and I hear cracking noises from my surround sound but I can't see the interference wavy lines as bad since the Xbox has a white background on start up.

I am running x3 HDMI cables and a fiber optic monster cable to my surround sound.
I have unhooked the other x2 HDMI cables and let it sit over night to turn it back on to see if the problem was from interference from the other HDMI cables but it still has the same problems. I also tried resetting the TV by (cleared memory+picture settings). And I reset the settings on the PS3 by holding down the power button for 20 seconds etc to reset the video settings and have it all setup like it should. I knew that probably that was not going to help since it is doing it on all my other gaming consoles as well.

To sum it up:

Basically if I turn on my TV, it's fine, no issues. It's only when I turn my gaming consoles on as to when the interference wavy lines/noises occur. If I turn OFF my TV and PS3 after if interference has occurred, I then turned it all back ON and the static lines are not as near as bad as what you see in the video.

It only seems to have issues if I haven't used my TV in over several hours. But the static lines will go away after a minute or less then it will work fine forever how long I play on it until I haven't used the TV in several hours as stated.

Model of TV - VIZIO 55" XVT553SV

I thank anyone who can help me in this matter, I have tried everything I could tried and resulted in still failure.