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I have about 200-300 dollars to spend on a home audio receiver (already have some basic speakers, good not great). Surround sound is not set up and so not a big priority, need to know if there are any receivers in this price range that would allow me to play music wirelessly via my iPhone (bluetooth etc). I know relatively little about audio systems so any help would be appreciated. thanks.
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  1. from what i've heard.... avoid sony receivers under $400-500. i've heard onkyo might be okay for a budget receiver but its definitely not as good as the big boys.

    from what i've used.... pioneer makes a good receiver. mine was pricey but its worked great for me.

    no idea on wireless music playaback on an iphone. mine came with a usb cable adapter only and it was in the $550 range. perhaps there are wireless dock add ons that you could connect. or perhaps there is one that supports bluetooth but i dont remember seeing one.
  2. As being an avid home theater person myself, I would throw out the idea of Harman Kardon AVR series. Great home audio receivers, solid power, 5.1-7.1 options, digital, HDMI and 3d support (on some higher end models). All the surround modes you can think of, and you can get some middle of the road models for around or under $500, most of the newer ones are Bridge III ready (H/Ks Ipod docking interface).
  3. Not sure what you will get via wireless iPhone playback for that money, if anything, sorry.

    The Denon (H/K - same producer) AVR-1912 has something called Airplay, and its little brother the 1612 might also, but they are above your budget.

    @ssddx is totally correct in that Onkyo do a good budget receiver, but again I'm not sure you will get an old model TX-SR308 or current model 309 for $200-300. In Australia they are $400-500 new.

    I'd try pioneer as I think they do budget receivers. If I were you $100 extra would give you so many more options. You're really limited in that price range and a small amount more will open up heaps more options.

    Or go second hand, you'll save about 20-40% on last years model.
  4. well if he skips out on airplay (or similar feature) $200-300 is more than enough for a budget receiver.

    as far as pioneer having budget models... not sure. the lowest end ones i saw were $300-400 when i was looking (i ended up getting the $550 model)

    as far as linking up a phone... i know some "bluetooth stereo receivers" exist for phones to pair up with car stereos so it wouldnt be hard to imagine there being ones for home stereo systems/receivers as well. you would have to dig into this as i have no idea where to get one from myself. (perhaps even the receiver companies sell some).
  5. damn, I wish I lived in the US in terms of prices.

    Even with the dollar virtually the same you can get a Onkyo tx-sr309 for as low as $250.
    Cheapest here I can find is around $450.

    Apols. (and damn I didn't realise it cost $200 to ship 10kgs to Australia.... we get ripped off over here).

    Good luck and enjoy your purchase.
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