Laptop Speaker Constant Hum

Ok, so I installed a new web cam for my laptop (it was a logitech) and ever sense, the PC speaker hums. I deinstalled all the software that I installed, but the constant hum remains.

Any ideas how I can make this go away?


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  1. It could be some sort of interference from the webcam itself. Have you tried unhooking the webcame (if possible)?
  2. In addition to what buwish said, does the hum disappear if you're on battery power?
  3. Thanks for the thoughts, but the Webcam C905 is deinstalled and not connected.

    And, yes, the sound continues even when not plugged in.

    Any other ideas??? This is really difficult to use as anything with sound is really hard to listen too.


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  5. Load a linux live CD to determine if the sound is hardware or software related.
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