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Hello, Can anyone help with the cause of this crash. Thanks 74dazaj Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.1.7600. Locale ID: 3081 Additional information about the problem: BCCode: 1000007e BCP1: FFFFFFFFC0000005 BCP2: FFFFF80002D7A233 BCP3: FFFFF880031A8958 BCP4: FFFFF880031A81B0 OS Version: 6_1_7600 Service Pack: 0_0 Product: 768_1 Files that help describe the problem: C:\Windows\Minidump\040310-38033-01.dmp C:\Users\74dazaj\AppData\Local\Temp\WER-56768-0.sysdata.xml
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  1. Have you recently changed anything on your computer?
    Hardware or software (like new driver).

    BSOD are usually caused by one of two things - bad RAM or bad driver.

    Recommend booting into the Safe mode (F8)
    If you have no problems in the Safe mode, then you probably have one or more bad drivers. If you also crash in the Safe mode, then you probably have a bad hardware component. Best guess would be RAM.
  2. Machine specs please and history, not enough data to give you some good input
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Blue Screen Crash Windows 7