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I'm upgrading my system shortly, and I read something about the AthlonXP 3000+ with a 400 MHz FSB. Does that exist and if so, where (in The Netherlands, where I live) can I get one? What is the difference in performance compared to the 333MHz bus version?

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  1. AXP 3000+ (400 MHz FSB) runs at 2.1 GHz (10.5 x 200 MHz)
    AXP 3000+ (333 MHz FSB) runs at 2.17 GHz (13 x 166 MHz)

    Nearly equal performance compared to 333 MHz FSB version. In apps where only clock speed matters, 333 MHz FSB version may be slightly faster.

    If you're interested in overclocking, then 333 MHz FSB version is a better choice.

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  2. OK, so 333MHz FSB is the fastest. I'm doing audio processing with my rig, so I suppose that requires a lot of memory bandwidth. The marginal difference in speed is of no real influence, is it? So for such applications I should get the 400MHz FSB version? Although I still haven't been able to find one around here. Is it possible to overclock the 333 to 400?
  3. Or should I wait a while and spend some more money on an Athlon64?
  4. Yes, the only reason to get DDR400 with a 166 (333) FSB processor is for overclocking. Now, you would want to run the memory and processor synced so when not overclocking they would be on an FSB of 166, and both at a speed of 333 (the memory works at double the rate of the FSB becuase it's Double Data Rate and the processor does too). To overclock you would raise the FSB and both the memory and the processor would work faster, the only difference is that the memory is rated to work at up to an FSB of 200 (so you won't be overclocking it beyond factory default) but the processor is only rated to work at 166 and anything higher isn't a given (though you should be able to get a significant performance boost). If you buy a "slower" processor with a lower clock rate like the 2500+ it should be easier for you to get to an FSB of 200 becuase the processor won't run at a really high speed.

    Don't forget that any overclock is useless unless it's completely stable!

    Got a nice overclocked overvolted system to keep you warm at night? That's great. Guess I'll have to settle for a woman...
  5. I have a problem with a setup similar to the one you mentioned. Check out my post and offer any help please!

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