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I have a small sub with a built in amp and 2 speakers for a TV. I have a coaxial output on the TV. Can I use this output to plug in the speakers and sub. I know they work through a headphone out jack on another TV. I am not technical at all so simple answers will be required please. Thanks
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  1. You need to be a little more specific. Is it a Coaxial Cable output (silver with threads)? Or Coaxial Digital audio output (RCA jack with orange ring)?

    Do you have any kind of Jacks on the speaker setup? How does it work, do the front speakers plug into the sub? Look for a pair of Red and White Jacks that say audio Input. Or is there an Orange RCA digital audio input?
  2. The sub has a 3.5 male jack which goes into a female headphone socket in the TV. The speakers have the same jack which plugs into the sub. The sub has an inbuilt amp.

    The TV I want to connect to I have not got access to at present. All I know is in the literature, that it has a Coaxial outpu. Sorry I cant offer anything else.
  3. Can you get the model number of the speaker package and TV?
  4. Tv is from eBay is a "Vision 32" Full HD LED LCD TV w/ DVD Combo & HD-Tuner"
    Speaker package is Logitech LS21
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