Would this laptop be worth the money?

Well at first I was looking at a Toshiba with an i7 but the price shot up last minute and this came up.
Now being the first laptop I'm buying, I'd like some help with it.
I've never honestly never heard of MSI until I started searching for laptops and this kinda just popped up and wanted to know if their computers are any good. The specs look good but I'm not too sure about the producer.
I think the laptop is decent with all the research I've been doing. The ATI 5730 is a pretty good graphics card I think and even though I wanted the i7, I think the graphics card makes up for the i5 thingy.
So... I would be using this mostly for school, you know college and whatnot, but want it to handle a certain amount of gaming. At least so it'll last me 4 years.
Well that's my story xP
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  1. johnwashere said:
    I think the laptop is decent with all the research I've been doing.
    What research have you seen that shows the MSI GE600-002 is a good laptop? (or MSI GX640)
  2. Well not specific to the laptop itself but more into the components inside I guess... o.O
    I take it from your comment that it isn't a laptop worth while?
  3. Better deal would be; http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/850014/MSI-A6200-021US-156-Widescreen-Notebook/ , very nice laptop for $600.00 plus tax !!
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