Virtual XP Mode and multiple users on host

I've taken on a migration project for an SMB. They have an ancient application that they use and cannot find a replacement for.

The problem is that the application writes to the root of C: when creating mail merge documents, while this wasn't an issue on XP with the correct permissions its a problem with 7 due to UAC not letting standard users write to that location.

The software vendors have come back with the standard answer "turn UAC off" ... nope .. not prepared to do that.

I've managed to get a copy of the application so I could do some experimenting with Virtual XP mode. While this allows the application to run and create the mail merges correctly it seems to require the creation and setup of a VM every time a new users logs on.

Is there anyway to share a single VM between multiple users or could it be done by assigning published applications to all users on the host?
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  1. Not really an answer to your question, but may help to find a solution:
    Any idea, why virtual store doesn't work for this app?
  2. Thanks I'll have a look through that.

    I tried using the compatibility tool but it didn't seem to be able to create any fix.

    Not sure why the redirection to the v store doesn't work. I've put it down to it working through IE (sorry should have mentioned its a web app) basically its a web enabled database served over http to IE. Apparently the merge routine is hard coded into the database part of the application and the vendors won't change it.
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