ASUS LED backlit vs not

Okay, got my monitors narrowed down again, it would help if ASUS didn't have a million models that all look the same!
I had settled on the:
VW246H -

But then I started looking at the:
VE248H -
which is LED backlit. I'm wanting it for general gaming, surfing, some photo editing, well rounded. Any experience with the backlit ones? The room is fairly bright, and I read where backlighting helps with that. Just wondering if ghosting was any different, does it make it that much sharper, easier on the eyes, etc.

(Of course there's the VE247H - , which looks like it's the VE248 with just a half inch difference.)

Thanks for any tips.
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  1. Backlighting has no effect on ghosting. Ghosting is dependent on the LCD panel technology.

    Basically the only bad thing about LED backlight is that the color gamut is 68% (exclude professional level monitors) as opposed to normal gamut of 72% and wide gamut of 96%+. What does this mean? 68% color gamut has a slightly limited color space and people have stated that overall the colors look slightly bluish.

    Normal gamut is basically what you normally see in real life (to dumb things down).

    Wide color gamut make things look slightly greenish. However, color printouts generally look the same as what's on the screen if both monitor and printer are properly calibrated. A little more difficult with normal gamut monitors and even more difficult with 68% color gamut.
  2. Thanks for the reply. What are the benefits? Does the backlighting make much of a difference in as far as clarity in a bright room? What about making things sharper?
  3. Yes, backlighting makes a difference in a bright room, you generally want something that's at least 300 cd/m2 brightness. The brighter the room, the brighter the screen will need to for you to see things on it.

    No, backlight does not make things sharper. Just use the monitor at it's native (max) resolution and you'll be fine.
  4. So between those two models, any reason to lean one way or the other?
  5. Is this your 1st LCD monitor?

    If no, then what is your current LCD monitor?

    If yes, then I would get the VE248H since the 68% color gamut is very close to the 72% normal color gamut of a CRT monitor. You may need to do a little tweaking though. But even with the VW246H you will need to do some tweaking as well.

    Also, it seems that the VW246H is now out of stock at
  6. No, I've had a few LCD's. I haven't had a CRT in years. The ASUS would be for a desktop that will be replacing an XPS 1710 laptop. So just looking for something multipurpose. Gaming, apps, some graphics work, etc. I use it a lot, during day and evening hours (so light and dark times).
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