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My LCD recently went out and I have been trying to figure out the cause. I originally noticed that the screen keep flickering in and out, as if the plug was loose. The screen would go dim and then come bright, but flicker. Then it began to show some kind of static on the screen. Finally the screen went dark all together.

I put a flash light up to the screen and can see it very faintly. After reading around I found it might have be easy by replacing the inverter. I went ahead and opened the laptop and replaced the inverter. I got the same results. I tested to see if it was a system board issue. I connected an external monitor, but had no issues. The picture was clear and did not show any issues.

So I thought it might be the back bulb. I replaced the whole LCD Panel with the same part number. I connected the LCD and turned on with the new inverter. Still the screen is very dim. I then removed the new inverter and put back the original inverter, but still am having the same results.

I don't know what is next to do. Should I replace the LCD Wireset?

Toshiba A215-S4757
Windows 7
AMD Tur 2 64

Please help :-)
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  1. At this point I would suspect that it is something internal, perhaps the wire set. I'd also take a look at all of the connections going to the motherboard/GPU, as a wire or connection may have been damaged due to heat.
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