Opinions needed plz.

I work with a kid that wants a computer for mainly multimedia purposes.
CD burning. DVD burning. Music.. Internet.
He doesn't really know much about computers and he was going to buy a computer but he started looking at dells prices and it discouraged him.
So i told him i'll see what i can do for him price wise and show him a few things.

So i'm already thinking AMD bang for buck.. he doesn't really get into video games.. but i'm sure he'd play an occasional racing game or something.

Instantly thinking AMD 2500+ locked is fine. maybe 2600+.

Motherboard i wanted help on though.. since i read good things about abit.. and the nforce sound.. is the nforce2 sound worth not getting him a sound card over? If he wants to watch dvd's and all i'm sure he'll want nice surround sound and he will listen to music.

Some standard issue pc3200 memory.
Thinking about Lite-on burners.. wanted some opinions on that.
Still looking for a descent mid tower case. Sturdy but affordable case.
Also help on a video card choice would be great.

p4 2.8 533fsb
intel mobo
1gb rdram pc 800
radeon9800 pro
120gb seagate s-ata
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  1. An ASUS A7V8X-X Motherboard cheap!! Very powerfull, they say not the best for overclocking I cant see why it has almost the same BIOS set-up as the A7N8X Deluxe. Same Idea...

    The A7V8X-X uses the Northbridge VIA KT400 and Southbridge VIA VT8235 Chipsets. If nothing else they are very dependable.

    The board also supports 8X AGP and 3 DDR memory slots up to PC3200 Maximum and a front side bus (FSB) up to 200/266/333MHz, and it has many options I wont go into.

    I have that board in my back-up P.C and it was my primary game computer.

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    SONY DVD 16x/40x
  2. I would buy ABIT NF7-S v2.0. It has nForce APU, so you don't need to buy discrete sound card for better audio.

    LiteOn 8x dual format DVD burners sell for ~$150. You can't beat the value. LiteOn's 4x dual format DVD burner was pretty good, I think 8x version can't be worse.

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  3. AMD's are sure great. His computer won't need more than 512MB memory if he is not a serious gamer, but I won't go anything less than 512MB also. For video cards, try getting the TI-4200, with either 64MB or 128MB. Its pretty much the best bang for the buck right now for video cards. But take note that card is not DX9 ready. If it's just for regular gaming, get the 64MB and it should be more than enough for him. The older games won't use all 128MB on the vid card. CD burners, all I can say is you get what you pay for. You can find all your components from NEWEGG.COM. That's pretty much the best place to buy computer components online.
  4. Get him an AIW Radeon 9600 Pro, its a little bit more than the XT but it offers good midrange performance and a myriad of features. There are a bunch inputs and outputs and includes some software to do some light video editing.

    If you are going to get the 2500 barton you can get PC2700 memory unless you want to overclock or plan to upgrade to the 3200+ which i doubt. By the time you want to upgrade that system again I dont think PC3200 would be up to the task (envisions a world of DDR2 and global peace.)

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