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Okay so I have this old satellite receiver with audio jacks (red and white) and a composite video jack (yellow).
The audio jacks from the receiver connect fine with the HDTV, the only problem is that my HDTV does not have a yellow jack for video - instead, it has red; blue; and green jacks.
Is there some kind of converter? appreciate any help.
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  1. There are such converters but the cost would be higher than getting a new satellite receiver. Plus you want an HD box anyway.
  2. Alright I got it (like the same day)... Just to help anyone in the future, I will explain it here:
    There are two types of video signals that people, like me, get confused with: composite video and component video.
    Composite video is the old-fashioned type which consists of the yellow cable by itself, while component video is the "better" type where it consists of three cables: red, blue and green.

    If you have a receiver with a composite signal (YELLOW for video) only, and a TV with component input jacks (RED, BLUE and GREEN), then connect the composite (YELLOW) video jack from the receiver to the GREEN jack of the component input on the TV... this should work.

    EDIT: btw, composite video allows up to 480i (I believe), crappy resolution anyway. Component video on the other hand allows for HD resolutions.
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