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About one year ago I got an iPod touch 4th gen. Ive been using the default earbuds that come with it to listen to my music. They still work fine but are showing their age, so I wanted to get something new.

As for the sound quality of the new buds, I have a pair of astro a40's and I think they sound wonderful, if that helps set the level of sound quality I'm fine with.

The major features I want are
-good build quality
-good bass because I listen to hip hop /dubstep /rap

I've got my eye on the beats by dre tours, which I have heard good things and bad things about them. I know that they have had issues with fake beats made to scam people, but are the actual beats badly made? I don't understand how a company like monster (which is a bit pricy) could put their name on a product that was so badly made.

So please recommend a good pair of ear buds 150$ or less, And if you could, please comment on beats by dre tour. I really want to know if they are nice or not because I've heard many mixed reviews about them.
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  1. Pretty much all ear buds are junk.
  2. I still like skullcandy the best, mainly because they have the best warranty I've ever seen. no questions asked replacement plus free shipping.

    Skullcandy warranty
  3. To name a few:

    AKG K 390 NC Black Mamba
    Yuin PK1
    Phiaton PS 20NC
    Sennheiser IE 6 or IE 60
    Sennheiser MX 980
    Sennheiser CX 880
    Koss KDE 250

    For less expesive are like the

    Sennheiser - CX 300-II
    Klipsch Image S2m or Klipsch IMAGE S4

    If you've heard any of these then you'll know why they're more expensive than just those included with your portable player.

    Bose are good ones too.
  4. no questions asked replacement plus free shipping.
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