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Hey, I am knew to this forum and was wondering what the best gaming laptop would be to travel with? Due to my job, i travel at least 2 weeks out of the month. Almost all the hotels i go to have good internet so thats not a problem. I have been using an HP 311 with NVIDIA ion when i travel and the main game i play now is called Aion. Its an MMO that is like World of Warcraft. The netbook can play it, but its so incredible slow and i get frame rates of like 2-6 FPS. So my main need for the laptop would be for a game like Aion, but when Starcraft 2 comes out and The Old Republic i want this thing to be able to handle those smoothly. I dont need to play on the highest settings but i just want the game to be smooth.

I have been looking at the Alienware M11X, M15X, and the 15 inch gaming notebook. I really like the Alienware M11X because it is super portable, but im not sure if it would be able to handle these upcoming games? Any suggestions to what i should do? My Budget is under $1500. I have to travel with my work laptop so the M11X would be great because its so small, but getting that instead of the 15 inch ibuypower or m15x, i have to give up that extra power. Any thoughts to how the M11X would handle future games? THanks!!
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  1. At just 2lbs heavier than the Alienware M11x is the ASUS N61JQ-X1, Core i7 720QM(1.60GHz) 4GB, 320GB HDD, 16" 1366x768 LCD, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 $1050
    It's about midway between the Alienware M11x and ASUS G73JH-X1 in gaming performance.
  2. That looks like a good computer, but its still pretty big in size not weight.
  3. Also reviews says it gets really hot when playing games for longer periods as it doesnt have good GPU fans
  4. It's GPU cooling is about normal for a gaming laptop, not everyone might realize that unless they've owned a gaming laptop in the past.
    You learn not to use the notebook in you lap while gaming.
    That Asus N61 reviews on NewEgg are unusually good for a gaming laptop. Look at some others in comparison.
    Read what other Asus N61 owners have to say.

    Alienware m15x owners outraged by overheating, cracking issues
  5. Are you familiar with IbuyPower notebooks? So you think the M11X would be a poor choice?
  6. As far as I know Dell has fixed the Alienware M15x problems from a few years ago in that link above.
    I don't know enough about IbuyPower or CyberPowerPC notebooks to make any recommendations there.

    I do not think the M11X would be a bad choice. Especially not for someone with a relaxed gaming style (and performance expectations).
  7. I'd have to throw Sager into the mix here. The NP8690 is just within your budget, starting at $1400, and still a nice machine even without any upgrades.
  8. Alienware is the only gaming notebook!
  9. Yeah my gaming style is pretty relaxed and i only play MMO, i just want to make sure it can play SC2 and The Old Rebublic ok, but its hard to tell cause their not out yet and TOR wont be out until spring 2011
  10. foxmulder13 said:
    Alienware is the only gaming notebook!

    Personally, I wouldn't trust my $1500 to any company owned by Dell, but it's not me buying the laptop
  11. I personally chose to go with ASUS G73JH-X1. Unless you like spending money on a paint job and name then go ahead with the alienware.
  12. i agree with kingnoobe asus g73 series offers value for money
  13. G73 Asus gaming laptop good spec and pricing, but heavy and ugly

    but still i prefer Asus then Alienware
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