Computer and Desktop have different s-video slots

Hello,I just built my first gaming pc for 577$ and I didn't have room for a monitor, so I just figured I could use my tv since it has a PC channel. I bought an s-video cable that had two circular ends with pins in it. My tv has a slot for it, but my pc has a slot. It has the rectangular one that you screw in. What can I do to make the circular pin end compatible with my desktop slot?
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  1. bump?
  2. The rectangular one that you screw in, as you call it, isn't an S-video. It's either a DVI or a VGA (DVI has the pins in a square pattern, VGA has them staggered). There isn't a good way to make them directly compatible. What inputs does your TV have?
  3. Just the s-video one and several circular colored slots
  4. If your PC only has a S-video input as the best input, you will get terrible resuts using it as a monitor. You need a high-def TV to use as a PC monitor with any type of quality. If you do have a high-def TV, check your TV manual for what conections it has and we can see if there is an adapter for it. Also post what your video card model is.
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