Looking for a solution for my laptop to output 5.1 audio via SPDIF

Hello, as per my subject title, i'm looking for an SPDIF output connector for my laptop. I'm currently using an ASUS G73JH-A1 Windows 7 Home premium. I understand that my video card can output 5.1 audio via HDMI, but I have no splitters (if there are even any). My laptop has no expresscard slot or any other slot. Does anyone know of say a good USB sound card, or does someone know a better way to connect my laptop to my 5.1 surround sound receiver?
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  1. hi buwish,

    I took a look at that device and it seems large. I want the smallest possible converter (such as USB to SPDIF). The one i've found is:

    Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro II USB Sound Card and Headset Adapter

    I understand it has SPDIF output but the only problem is I don't know if it's the correct connector for my receiver. I understand there are two types of SPDIF/TOSLINK connectors - the regular "round" optical cable and the "D" shaped optical connector. The current SPDIF connector my Audio receiver uses is the "D" shaped optical connection. Would anyone know if this Audio Advantage Micro 2 work with my receiver? Or would I simply need a "round" optical cable on one end and the "D" shaped optical connector on the other?

    Any audiophiles out there with experience with this type of thing?
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