CPU sticking to heatsink!

Intel 2.4GB CPU (Socket 478), Asus motherboard
After upgrading some minor components I found that the system wouldn't boot. The signal from the mobo indicated there was no CPU. When I removed the heatsink I found the CPU was practically welded to it and had some trouble prying it loose. Once I reseated it the system booted fine.
I figure I can't avoid heat coming off the CPU, but is there any way to keep it from sticking to the heatsink? The locking arm doesn't seem to do anything to keep the CPU seated, and short of replacing the case and motherboard, I don't know how else to cool the system.

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  1. Carefully clean the leftover compound from the CPU and heatsink and use a high grade compound for the filler between the CPU and heatsink. The CPU stuck because the compound dried out, that's all.
  2. I believe the thermal compound is a synthetic wax. And waxes stick to things when seated. The way I remove a heatsink is to twist it slightly before lifting it off, that breaks the grip.

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  3. Abomonog said to use high grade thermal compound after you take off the wax, don't worry, Arctic silver 5/AS3/Ceremique don't cost more than 8$, prolly less.

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  4. heh that's seems a bit too hardcore to just take a hsf off.
    A little bit of muskelz should take it off.
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  5. i think the heat spreader is a bit stronger than the wax.

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  6. I think he mentioned that the CPU socket is not even holding the CPU into the socket the holding arm does not lock it in..............Ok end of story here.

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  7. Just saying sometimes people are too sensitive with their computer.. every computer needs a beating at least once in its lifetime.
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    p4 2.8 533fsb
    intel mobo
    1gb rdram pc 800
    radeon9800 pro
    120gb seagate s-ata
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