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Merry Christmas to all of you! For xmas, my dad got me a new flat panel display - the HP ZR24W. However, he hasn't ordered it yet as he wanted to make sure it's the one I really want, which is good, because from the reviews, I don't think it is.

Detailed specs can be found here: http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en/sm/WF06a/382087-382087-64283-72270-3884471-4101131.html

Now, all the reviews make it sound like it is aimed towards people doing professional GFX work, while all I'll be doing on this one will be gaming, internet stuff like web browsing, and programming. So I'm mainly looking towards physical size and vertical resolution, I suppose.

Dad said I can just find another display that's better suited to my needs and he'll order that one instead, assuming the price is about equal to the HP ZR24W he was going to get me.

You guys got any idea ? Should I just stick with the HP, or can you think of a similarly priced display that is maybe better for my needs ? I don't really understand much about displays, but it seems the HP sacrifices at least physical dimensions for some colour stuff that sounds like I just won't need it.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Hi, i've been looking at one, there are much cheaper, but perfectly acceptable 24" screens available. It does get rave reviews, but it looks like you'd be underutilising it (i.e. not using teh 'professional' elements). Have you got a good enough GPU to power 1920*1200 when gaming?, i.e. could you get a cheaper screen and a gpu upgrade to go with it.
  2. Using the money for something else isn't an option - my dad wants to give me a flat panel, and that's it, not a cheap flat panel and a wad of cash or half a cpu. I got a decent machine, but I would probably just end up gaming in a lower resolution while using the max resolution for programming, where every bit of screen real estate counts.

    To reiterate: I'm not looking for "cheaper", I'm looking for "same price but better suited to what I use it for", which most likely comes down to "bigger".
  3. If you are looking for more of a gaming monitor then I suppose it's worth considering the 27" ViewSonic VX2739wm which is bigger, better for games and also cheaper.

    Here's a review:


    It's a "1ms" monitor, but based on the review, you don't want to set it to be that aggressive. The best setting for response time is "Advanced" which makes it operate like any other 2ms monitor I suppose. Setting it to "Ultra Fast" results in severe overshooting which means negative color ghosting.
  4. You might be interested in a 120hz display instead. The BenQ XL2410T is a pretty good one.

    Its a 24" and has way less ghosting than the viewsonic that was recommended because it is 120hz but it is 24" instead of 27" but with the same amount of pixels anyway. Both monitor are TN + Film.

    None of the monitors are S-IPS like the HP ZR24W which offers way better color, contrast, and viewing angles. If you want a better quality monitor versus a faster responding one, I would recommend the Dell U2410. It is similar to the ZR24W but with a newer and better H-IPS panel instead.
  5. Thanks, that looks like a step in the right direction, although the lower vertical resolution definitely is a turn off.
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