Bose or Logitech?

Hello There,

I have built a computer but to complete my system, I would like to buy a descent pair of speakers at my budget. I want to know which is better in terms of Performance and Sound Quality.

So I can't make my decision between the:
*Logitech Z323 Speaker System = £99.00 (Amazon) (More Info)
*Bose Companion 2 Multimedia Speaker System = £34.47 (Amazon) (More Info)

But, Don't worry about the price but tell me about the Negatives and Positives about them and which you would prefer with a reason (Again don't relate to the price). Also, If you experienced any of the 2 speakers, then please do tell me about it. Which would make my decision easier on which speaker I should buy


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  1. why do you keep insist on not relating to price? whenever you mention bose price is a factor since you are spending much more than the speakers are worth.

    i've owned plently of logitech systems in the past and they have all sounded good and were reasonably priced. to me bose products sound no better but will cost you at least $100 more. bose is all name. they are far from being "kings of the speaker world".

    but, pick what you want. best thing to do is to hear both sets in person and pick which you like more.
  2. So You would Recommend Logitech? Well Which Speaker System from Logitech was so far the best one you have heard?
  3. i've had no issues with logitech. hard to call any the best. i suppose my 5.1 system since it was more powerful.

    i still have an older 5.1 system that went for $150-200 awhile back and it still sounds good. i've also heard the $40, 60, and 90 2.1 options out there and in general none of them sounded bad.

    i wouldnt get anything less than the z313 though.
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