TV Remote Turns ON Bose Wave Radio

BWR is in bedroom as alarm clock at side of bed and is off. 3 different TVs have been across the room and as volume on TV is adjusted with it's remote OR channels are changed, the Bose Wave Radio will turn on in Radio mode. Sometimes to the last radio station it was set to and other times to a non-tuned station.

I'm curious if others have had this issue and if there is some sort of a fix. I read elsewhere in the forums others have had the radio be unresponsive when used in conjunction with a TV that is on. (Eco setting on TV had to be disabled as the light from the TV would affect radio remote reception.) But I've not seen my exact issue mentioned. It's making me and my wife a little crazy. :pt1cable:
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    If the Bose and the TV are on the same remote frequency, there is not a lot you can do about it, other than put a piece of tape over the Bose remote eye.
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