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Hi, all.

I will be in Bend, Oregon next week. Any decent places for my son to
humiliate me even more so than when we are at home?


Gerry Manis.
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    There's a huge Regal Cinemas multiplex theater there with a giant
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    I was there back in May. The cinema had a RCT, and a LOTR. The
    Bowling alley had a MM that was in semi-decent shape (Not for sale, I
    checked :) Thats all I can remember off hand.

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    Thanks for the locations. I'll report back with what we find.

    Gerry Manis.
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    Hi, all.

    I just wanted to report back on my journey from the San Francisco Bay
    Area up to Bend, Oregon, with my wife and two kids (6 and 1) in tow...

    In Bend:

    The multiplex in the Old Mill shopping area had a LOTR, which my son
    tells me was in good shape. He was able to "hit the moster" a bunch of
    times, and my wife tells me that he "got the ball into the camera lens"
    in the back of the playfield. (Neither has seen the game before, and
    neither has seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies!)

    Sounds to me like the machine was in good condition, at least the
    flippers were strong enough to hit the ball into the ring lock...

    Lava Lanes was something of a disappointment. They had a large
    gameroom, with plenty of video games (including 6(!) linked machines of
    one of the driving games), but only 2 pins. The Elvis looked new, but
    as I get to play this at work every day, didn't hold much interest for
    me. They also had a Monster Bash, which was in pretty good "location
    condition". I was able to wow my son by reaching Monsters of Rock,
    which he had never seen before!

    Lastly, on our way home from Bend, we stopped in Redding, CA for the
    night. We took our kids to the Chuck E Cheese, which happened to be
    located across the street from our motel. I wasn't expecting much, and
    was provided with exactly that. There was a Jurassic Park in attract
    mode, which got both my son and I pretty excited, since we are both
    fairly good on it, since we own one. For a fleeting second, we had
    visions of our initials up and down the Hi Score board, only to be
    removed by an RGP reader, or a reset. Alas, it was not meant to be.
    Neither token mech worked!

    ....All in all, a fun trip with the family, if a somewhat disappointing
    pinball experience!

    Gerry Manis.
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