Need a new UPS, some help needed

I've had my UPS for about 6 years. When I looked on it yesterday, it said I needed to replace the battery. Now they probably don't make it anymore, so I was probably just going to buy a new one.

I'm not sure how to buy one though or how much power I'll need. My main system has a 750W power supply, and my other system has a 530W power supply. I'm also thinking about getting a new system in the new year, but I'll probably take the old Core 2 Duo system and just use it as a file server, so it won't be using much power. The Quad will still be used, but not as much as it is now.

Does anyone know how to add up the power that I'll need for the UPS? I read somewhere that the formula is amps * voltage or something like that. I never took physics in school, so I'm not sure how that works.
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  1. keep in mind that just because you have have an X watt power supply you arent drawing X watts. also keep in mind that unless you go for an expensive option any battery backup will not provide power for more than a few minutes depending on how much you have connected.

    I would say that you should figure out what load you are going to be placing on the ups and work from there. if you plan on loading the ups more than 50% the battery will not hold for more than a few minutes before dying.

    i just bought a +/- 1300w apc battery backup for my system. I currently have an i7-920, 470gtx, 2x1.5tb raid, 1000w psu. also running a 40in lcd on the ups.

    total draw is about 250-300 at desktop 360-400 in game.
    the 40in lcd draws about 150-170 while active.
    while in game my battery life would be about 7-8 minutes. perfect for avoiding a power drop and having time for shutdown but not for extended usage.
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