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Hey all! I just bought the MSI Wind U110-031US and am wanting to know what ram I need to buy to upgrade from 1gb to 2gb. I've been reading on the internet, but it seems people are saying that it varies....some have 2 slots for ram (1gb/1gb) and some have just 1 slot (2gb). Can someone tell me for sure? And I can't figure out if its ddr2 or 3 and what pc## and what nots. Can someone tell me the exact ram I need? I heard that it will also increase battery life, less drain on the battery with more ram, is this true? Lastly, it came with XP, which is fine, I like that; do you think it would be a good idea to upgrade to windows 7? Any info you guys can point me to on the netbook would be useful. I'm trying to find articles on the internet about it but its not going so great. I just wanted great battery life with the ability to type papers and web browse. If there is a better alternative than this one I'll just RMA to newegg and get that one. So far this one seems great but I have heard mixed things about MSI customer service so if there is an equal or longer lasting netbook I would be interested. Thanks!'

Also, how do you dim the monitor and disable hardware? I've tried device manager and everything I can think of in control panel, but to no avail :(
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  1. Looked at the MSI web site.
    It does not indicate that the Ram is upgradable to 2 Gigs. Normally the specs will state Installed/Max.

    If it were me, I'd RMA it for a better one. Make a List of choices, then go to the Manf support web site and look at the manual and specs.

    As too increasing memory from 1 to 2 gigs increasing the battery life - 2 prong.
    (1) In itself 2 gigs will decrease battery time (small).
    (2) If the apps you run are running out of memory and swapping out to the Hard drive, then two gigs will Increase battery time.
    My recommendation is to go with 2 gigs.

    Since my recommendation is to get a diff netbook, I didn't look into your last question.

    PS. I prefer Toshibia laptops as (1) cost effective and (2) based one a comparision of laptops, Toshibia has one of the lowest problems duing the first couple of years. I imagine that that applies to netbooks as well.
  2. Ya I got my ex-gf a toshiba netbook and really liked it. I just wanted one with a better keyboad because thats my only gripe with netbooks. This MSI one has a large keyboard. But I think I'll go with your suggestion and RMA it.
  3. The second guy in the reviews said he upgraded to a 1 stick 2gb and put windows 7 on it. I just can't find anywhere else that says it lol. If it is upgradeable, do you think I should stick with this one? I've only had it for a day but am pleased with its amazing battery life so far. I haven't plugged it in since I got it and its still just barely under half battery. Does toshiba have one to rival this battery life? Sorry, not that I'm lazy, I'm just in class all day and night so I really only have time to check the forum...not much research time :(

    So far my only other gripe is the fn key on the bottom left. I use ctrl alot and I keep hitting fn by mistake, they should have switched those two buttons. I think my ex's toshiba was the same way though
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