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CPU manufacturing process

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January 3, 2004 7:28:19 AM

I am sorry guys if my post is rubbish.One of my friend is working in a software company(SAP) and their client is one company named "Applied Materials"( ).And he told me that these company is manufacturing the machinery for semiconductor manufacturing,and Big companies like AMD and Intel are buying the machinery from this company only(!).Is this true?I thought the manufacturing process is done entirely by Intel/AMD only.I cannot believe that some third parties are supplying machines for manufacturing all the 'state of the art' processors
January 3, 2004 8:30:07 AM

Sorry, but he doesn't know what he's talking about. It's common knowledge that both AMD & Intel get their technology from the darkest pits of hell. Exactly how this is done is as follows, giant green gerbils (speculated to be pets of demons) would produce rich droppings.

These droppings would then be thermally stepped on by very large & heavy minions of darkness. The grooves under the hooves of these demons would be such that an extremely fine & regular pattern would be made onto the product.

"But ahh...", I hear you ask, " does these things get to earth then smarty pants?". Well, so-called "engineers" (really wizards of darkness) in both so-called "labs" (really temples of evil), would cast ancient spells to raise demons. The wizards would kill the demons, and scrape out the droppings from under the hooves to make these "chips".

If all that's a bit much to believe, explain why CPUs run so hot eh? It is because they're produced in hell is why they run so hot. Now you know the real facts of the matter.

No problem.

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January 3, 2004 9:27:50 AM

Processors are made out of a type of silicon which doesn't exist in nature (or in insignificant amounts). This material, at one state, can conduct electricity with minimal loss (like good metal conductors like copper and silver), and at another state not conduct electricity at all. This is the trait of a semiconductor (as opposed to a superconductor which conducts electricity with virtually no resistance, a superconductor which can be implemented in everyday electronics does not yet exist.). Silicon must be produced from materials found in nature like Silica crystals or sorts of sands in processes I'm not familiar with. Since the material processors are made of is a raw substance, it makes sense that Intel and AMD would buy it from a third party company.

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January 3, 2004 9:30:28 AM

I am sorry,but I didnt understand anything from your post.May be,a simpler language will do
January 3, 2004 10:02:15 AM

Damn woodman I thought they were lemmings thnx for clearing that up for me.

Wafer Fab hardware involving Wire-Bonding robots to placement robots and again to the wafer fabs that spin up the Big round wafers that you see that hold up to 100 Dies or CPU cores also need machines that are also robots called SAW-GAS-DIE machines that cut the dies from the wafers. All those processes take place yet again inside specialized factory's that are again internally modified into class 100, class 50 and up to class 10 clean rooms. 10 being the cleanest working environment, using masks respiration equipment and full bunny suits or static safe hazmat type suits that the employees wear not to protect themselves but to protect the product.

All that equipment is produced by other companies that specialize in the manufacturing of Electronic components.

Company's like Panasonic and MRSI make placement robots and other company's like Fuji and Nortel Networks design and make these programmable robotics equipment.

The manufacture process of the actual CPU's is secondary to the Engineering design stage.

After the CPU's design is tested and finalized it is up to the Factory workers, Highly trained individuals that specialize in the operation of these robotics equipment that produce the components, they are backed up by a core team of Electronics technicians and an engineering group that back them up along with Electronics technologists and Management throughout all of that.

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January 3, 2004 3:33:33 PM

Let me explain it simply.

Semiconductor companies like Intel and AMD make chips, not chip making equipment. They purchase equipment from third parties to perform a specific function in the chip making process. Applied Materials is in fact one of the largest semiconductor equipment manufacturers and does supply a large number of different types of equipment to Intel and AMD. But AMAT is not the only vendor by any means.

Intel and AMD just buy the equipment to make their chips from third parties. They develop their own processes on these tools though.

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January 4, 2004 5:38:25 PM

I like your adaptation better. Was more fun to read :smile: .

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