MPA: What's the status on "licensed" reproduction artwork?

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You know, it's all fine and dandy that original Williams/Bally titles
like MM, CV, CC, RFM, and whatever else are supposedly getting
reproduced playfields, side art, etc. by Wayne.

But what about the "licensed" titles like IJ, ST:TNG, TZ, DM, T2 and
others where I suspect that permissions would have to be obtained from
the actual intellectual copyright and trademark holders such as
Lucasfilm, Paramount, Image Ent, etc?

Maybe I missed it, but I haven't heard any talk yet about repro stuff
out of Australia for these kinds of titles.

Wayne, are any of these titles on the list for parts/images to be
reproduced...or should I look elsewhere?

My ST:TNG is in dire need of some head decals.

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    We have been in ongoing negotiations about this at present.

    Wayne Gillard
    Mr Pinball Australia
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    Well Wayne, we are all just as impressed as hell at your business

    Can't wait to see croc!

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