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I'm looking into purchasing a scanner which will mostly be used for scanning in personal documents and notebooks and also professionally printed books.

I've decided a flatbed scanner with sheet-feed ability would be a good idea, because I have many hundreds of pages of single-sided type written pages I need to scan in and it seems like the sheet-feed ability would make the process of scanning these substantially faster.

I am running Windows 7, 64bit.

I'm wondering if anyone could make any suggestions?

The one I am considering at the moment is the Xerox Documate 515. Does anyone have experience with this scanner? I do not have much experience with scanners, but notice this scanner has 600 dpi whereas many other flatbeds have 4800 dpi. What exactly does this mean in practical terms? Is this only something that would be of concern for someone doing high quality photo scans?

Thanks for your help.
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  1. I haven't tried a Xerox scanner or a sheet feed but I have used HP, Canon and Epson flatbed scanners and prefer the software that comes with Epson.

    I currently have three Epson scanners and have had five Epsons in all -- older models and actually found dumped in the garbage -- all but one of the five performed perfectly despite that.

    DPI is a bit like a woman's age, not to be entirely believed. The higher figures may be achieved by double scanning which obviously slows things. If the Xerox is primarily a document scanner the DPI is probably adequate to that task.
  2. Thanks for your reply, Fihart.

    I have been checking out Epson and notice they have a line of "workforce" multifunction printers which can scan and have docufeeders as well.

    The Workforce 320 has a docufeeder and can handle 30 pages at a time. The Xerox 515 can handle 50 pages and scans 15 pages per minute, but I haven't been able to find statistics for how fast the Epson Workforce scans.

    The Xerox is substantially more expensive.

    Wonder if the Workforce is all I would need?
  3. try this
    The quality is good.
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