HP Compaq R3000 series laptop faulty

yes, I had this or a similar problem...actually i was told by a computer "techie" that it was some fault in the plate of the laptop... He could've been wrong because he hadn't adequately diagnosed WHY this HP laptop only worked a total of about 1 year...with NOT MUCH use on a daily basis, and very limited use when it was being used. So yes, it is faulty, and I paid A LOT for it... And I would like to get with others to file petitions with the FCC [or, FTC ? ], so that we can get our money back. It's the only way to go...well, along with putting the same petition to the state wherein HP is headquartered - do you know which state they're headquartered? Please contact me back as I'd like to get going on this matter. I had the same problem, by the way with the screen, and after buying 2 new adapators & batteries & installing them, it still did not work... avalabrava@yahoo.com
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  1. Join the club of many who have had countless issues with HP/Compaq laptops. You can contact the FCC directly and perhaps if one day they get enough complaints, they'll actually do something. Either that or find a class action lawsuit.
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