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I am thinking of buying an AVR, maybe Denon. I figured out how to connect the banana plugs and maybe a 16 guage speaker wire to 4 Boston Acoustics speakers ceiling. I have a Bose Wave Music system and I really like the sound of it and would like to use it as my 5th speaker.

Bose wave system takes a male 3.5 mm stereo cable and the diagrams show 3 wires going into the connector. My question is how wire my AVR output to connect to the stereo connector?

Can someone show me a diagram or something for this?

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  1. if the only input is a 3.5mm stereo cable... that makes me think it has two speakers. for what purpose would you use it for? it would not be good for the left or right channel as you want them spaced apart. i am not sure you would want it for a center channel either but it might possibly work (though i wouldnt do it myself). also if i remember correctly those bose wave radios have some sort of funky fake surround sound effect built into them which might sound strange when pairing it with a real surround sound system.

    i know adapters and wires exist for this purpose but as i have not done what you are asking i will not post my thoughts on connections. it would be best if you do some more searching (as google revealed many quick results) if you really want to pursue this.

    or perhaps someone who has done this particular thing will post a reply...
  2. the 3.5 mm jack is going to be low level and yes there is a way to get it a signal from your avr to the waves' auxiliary input but your receiver would have to have the appropriate multi -channel preamp output , and then the next thing to solve would be that the wave radio is configured for stereo operation and to use it as a center you would have sum the waves' 2 channels to mono by feeding them the same signal .
    to me it sounds possible but complicated and there is a likely hood that the wave and the boston speakers might not sound good together due voice mis match

    if it were me i would look for a bostin acoustics center channel if you are looking to have a surround system
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