Can my power supply run my Athlon64?

I just got my Ahtlon64 3000+ today. However, I won't be installing it until monday. I was told to make sure my power suplly is compatible with an Athlon 64.....problem is I have no way of telling if my PSU is compatible.

I have a 350watt PSU. Is that enough to run the chip? Or is something else required?

I currently have running:
Athlon XP 2400+
1 Gig PC2100 DDR (2x256, 1x512)
120GB HD
Ati 128Mb Radeon 9800 Pro
Asus A7N8X Deluxe (Ver 2.0)
Audigy Soundcard
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  1. It should run it alright. 300 to 350 watt power supply seem to be the standard. But the thing is it depends on how much stuff you run. Like me 4 hard drive 2 cdrw drives. And pritty much all my slots full. I opted to Get something bigger. And it was cheap at the time. 600 watt. But I ran my computer on 300 watt.

    Amd 1800 with 1.5gb of ram gf4 450 sound blaster audio 2 plat 2 7.1 speakers and two 80 gigs and one 160 gig and one 200 gig hard drive and tv card and Netgear, And Pci Ide. Dimond Stealth for the extra monitor.
  2. The only thing you have to make sure for it to be compatible is an aux power connector. I was shorty running my system on a cheapo 330 watt psu with no major problems until I could get out to get an Antec trupower 430.

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    A64 3200+ w/ 1 GB DDR 400
    2 36 gig raptors in Raid 0 complemented by an AIW 9800 Pro
  3. To the last poster, how do I make sure that it is compatible with an "aux power connector"? I ahve no clue what that is or where to check to see if it's compatible.

    Im going to be upgrading to a Asus K8V Deluxe mobo, Athlon64 3000+, and 2x512 PC3200 DDR.

    Also, anyone else that can help me with this....please :(
  4. It's a the ATX12V connector. Some older powersupplies may not have this.

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    A64 3200+ w/ 1 GB DDR 400
    2 36 gig raptors in Raid 0 complemented by an AIW 9800 Pro
  5. If it's a good brand PSU then you'll probably be fine (e.g. Antec, Enermax, Fortron Source) but if it's some cheap generic thing then it's borderline.

    I believe the 'Aux Power connector' he's referring to is the small 4-pin plug which plugs into P4 boards (and a few AMD ones) in addition to the much larger standard ATX Power plug. Although I wasn't aware they were required for A64s. They were introduced with the Pentium 4 as part of it's official specs because Intel didn't feel they could get enough juice from just the one plug, and like I said, a few AthlonXP mobos do use them nowadays, though most don't.

    If you need to buy a new PSU, a Fortron Source 350W model is an excellent buy for the price, as it actually peaks above 400W IIRC, and costs a little over 1/2 what a 400+W Enermax would.

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