Help!!! taskbar tiny, cant not connect to internet, cant run vrius sot

i havwe an acer netbook that has worked great for a year, i useit it this morning and its was all good... i have xp sp3 and when i try to use my computer now, i got some message saying windows nt crashed save all programs, comp will shut down in 30 secs... that happened twice...
now.. when i get on the computer the task bar is very samll and will not change size nor nove to another edge of screen, i can not manually start my antivirus software... all of my saved wireless internet connections are gone and it will not allow me tp set up a new one... i am at a loss for words please help!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Can you boot in Safe Mode? Keep pressing the F8 key while booting.
  2. Can you not press the Windows key on the keyboard to open up the start menu?
  3. tried bootting in safe mood no effect, no i can no t open the star menu with the window key, every time i start up i am now getting a new error as well...

    Event monitor user notification tool has encountered a problem and nees to close...

    i can open almost all of my progams, yet i can get on or create a new wireless network. i cant get my taskbar .. i cant run antivuris... i cant even use the system restore???
  4. caropreson said:
    tried bootting in safe mood no effect
    What do you mean - no effect?
    Did you get into safe mode?
  5. yes i was able to get in in safe mode, but i still have the same problems.. when i am prompted for safe mode i get like 7 options.

    1 boot in safe mode.
    2 safe ,ode with networking.
    safe mode w command prompt

    enable boot logging
    enable vga mode
    lask known good config
    directory services restore mode -widows domain controllers only
    debugging mode
    disable auto restarton sys failure

    start windows normally
    reboot return to os cholces..

    which of these should i use....
  6. You should try the first option boot in windows safe mode and then try and do a system restore.. It does seem like your computer has been clobbered by some nasty piece of software. One option would be to download a bootable ISO of AVG and then burn it to disc reset the computer, enter the BIOS and set to boot from CD ROM, restart and then follow on screen instructions.
    In my experience of computers that have been infected by this type of virus is that even after you have removed the virus, the operating system has been wrecked beyond repair and that it is probably better to reinstall Windows.
  7. Use first option.
    You can run the virus check in Safe Mode. Also try a System Restore to an earlier date.
  8. thanks guys, i tried booting in safe mode and safe mode with networking and i still cant acess most of my programs such as mcafee, i cant add a new user account, i cant view any wireless networks, i tried a sys restore but my acer revovery partition is mising as well!!!! wtf!

    i have no idea how this happened i am very safe about the sites i visit and what i download... the only thng i can think of is that i was in the hospital the day before for surgry and had left my comp connected to the wifi there... i had trouble geting on the wifi there in google crome so i used firefox and found this strange page for the hospital that i had to use to connect to there network, but i came home and it worked fone for about an hour..

    i really wish i could identify the first 2 error messages i got when i got home... it said something about windows nt server error, close all programs to prevent lossing unsave info... and it had a 30 sec countdown... that happened twice then all hell broke loose...
  9. caropreson said:
    i tried a sys restore but my acer revovery partition is mising as well!!!! wtf!
    A System Restore has NOTHING to do with the Recovery Partition!
    (which happens to be 'missing' 'cause is Hidden!)
    It's normal not to be able to view networks while in Safe Mode.
  10. When you start in Safe Mode are y ou still having the 'tiny taskbar' problems?

    When you press the Windows Key - does the Start Menu come up?

    When you have the Start Menu open go to Control Panel - System and look for the System Restore option. (or at the Start Menu, right click on My Computer and choose Properties. You should see the System Restore Tab there.

    When you have the Start Menu open can you use the All Programs choice and find your McAffee there? You should be able to run a scan from there.
  11. yea it was the strangest thing... i could get into all of my file i just couldnt open any of them, such as mcafee.exe i finally got the takbar back but still had all the other problems, i cound not get into the start menu open programs or system restore or anything of the sort... i kept getting a user notification tool at the boot up each time, saying someing about an aaiffnot.ece file but never the less i just plugged in my removable cd rom and ran the installation software.... all is good now i must have had some sort of nasty virus
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