cpu too hot?

Sorry for posting this here, I did not see a technical support board. Nonetheless, I still need help :)

my system is as follows:
athlon 2600+ barton
512 pc2700 ddr
radeon 9700pro
abit KD7 mo/bo
enermax 300w psu (came with new case)

Two days ago I bought a new case and the 2600+ barton mentioned above. I felt my 2000+ palamino was running too hot (around 60C cpu surface, 89 core; it was causing stability issues). When I built it yesterday, I thought it would solve my problems. My CPU runs much cooler than the palamino, but now I am still having stability issues with my video card.

MBM5 reports that my system temperature is at 52C, my case is 57C, and my CPU temperature is 48C at idle. During games, each of these raise about 3C. Yesterday I had been playing a 3d game for about 2 hours when my video card locked up. I have deduced that the cause is overheating. I am wondering, is my barton running too hot? I have been using the default heatsink+fan on the barton, for I have been told that the copper heatsink I purchased for my palamino is inferior to it. The copper heatsink can be viewed here:

In the case I currently use, I have one fan blowing out the back and another blowing out the side. My case can be viewed here:

Now I am wondering what I should do. Should I purchase more fans (my computer is pretty loud as is, and I do not care to make it any louder if it is an option)? Should I try using my copper heatsink (this is also an undesirable solution, for I do not know how to correctly mount socket A heatsinks without fear of breaking something, but I can ask a friend to do it, which will take more time)? Any other options? Your input will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. It is not dusty at all, for i have built it not more than two days ago. I will try using my fan; I assume a normal room indoor fan will suffice.
  2. I'm using the default thermal pad on the default heatsink.
  3. It's still my first time using the thermal heat pad. When I installed my new processor, I used the heatsink that came with it. So, what are your reccomendations at this point?
  4. Yes, I'm using the stock AMD heatsink+fan as I mentioned above. Would you reccomend continual use of the default heatsink, or should I use the copper one that I listed above?
  5. Usually that's the good ol' dusty system overheating. But.. since it's all brand new.. the only thing i can think of is there isn't a good enough contact between hsf and cpu.
    Make sure your ATI's fan is working properly and touch the card to see if it seems really hot.

    I would also turn that fan around that's blowing out on the side.. make it blow in see if that helps. You want fresh air entering the case.

    Make sure your vcore voltages aren't too high as well in bios.(going off on a limb)

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  6. Wusy: I already own the copper heatsink+fan that I listed. I bought it for my palamino because I thought it would help. I am now wondering if I should use it on my barton.

    Johan: no, my graphics card isn't hot, and the fan is spinning. I haven't tried changing the fan in the back to blow inwards. Would it be better if I had the side fan blow in and the back fan blow out?
  7. Oh, I also do not have any arctic silver 3, but I am considering purchasing some. I purchased some arctic silver 3 last year when I bought the copper heatsink, but it actually turned out to be fraudulent arctic silver (the one with the red cap).
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't the case temp be lower than the cpu temp, and not the other way around? Did you try checking the temps through the BIOS instead of MBM5? Also, try running Prime95 to determine if it is a cpu problem. Is this happening with only one game? Maybe it is a game issue, not a hardware one.
  9. Lies! TIM should be used over and over and over and over and over again as long as it remains in place. Even if half of it sticks to the CPU and half to the Sink, as long as you put it back together the same way with the same parts it all lines up.

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  10. The BIOS reports the same temps as MBM5. No, it is not a game issue either. What is Prime95?
  11. Click <A HREF="http://www.mersenne.org/freesoft.htm" target="_new"> here</A> for Prime95. It lets you run stress tests on your cpu and can detect errors. If your BIOS is also reporting cpu temps around 48C, I don't think it's a heat issue. Have you tried testing your ram with memtest?
  12. No, I have not tested my ram with memtest (I do not know what that is, either). I will try Prime95 later today.
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