Wipe hard drive or do malware/virus removal?

so i have always preferred to doing a clean install of windows about once a year over using any type of virus protection (other than windows 7 protection). I have on rare occasions used the free malwarebytes to resolve minor issues but thats it.

I just bought a samsung series 7 laptop and it came with 3 months of norton anti-virus. And wouldnt you know it, within two weeks i managed to get some stupid virus that makes it nearly impossible to use any internet browser, it constantly redirects search results that i click on and i have also had my computer freeze and need rebooting during this. I keep getting virus alerts for some "trojan" and norton antivirus crashes.

But the laptop didnt come with a drivers disc, and i read reviews of people reformatting the hard drive and running into issues getting the right drivers from the samsung site.

Norton and malwarebytes arent getting this virus, and apparently its a tough one to deal with. Is it realistic to think that i can rid this or is my best bet to just clean install.

It turns out samsung has a utility to backup software and drivers (i did not know this until today). Is there any chance that this backup will also carry the virus/malware/trojan/whatever? or is there a chance that anything the virus has affected will ruin elements of a driver backup?

Thanks so much to anyone who has advice to give.
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  1. try scanning you pc with antimalwarebyte
    perform full scan for whole computer from safe mode
  2. Complete installation is not an easy solution. It's better idea to scan your files from trusted source like norton, avast or hackerninja, One amazing things in that they all offer free version.
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