Are either of these good LCD TN monitors?

Does anyone know if either of these are good LCD TN monitors for around $200-$300?

I know there are better ones out there but I just would like to hear 1st/2nd hand experiences.

Dell P2411H
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  2. oooh what about the Hanns·G HZ251HPB? It's on sale for $184.01 (after CA taxes)??!

    Edit: On second thought, I just visited their Newegg site and after having read some reviews, I'll have to decline this offer due to very noticeable bleeding, i.e., white light "glow" around the edges when viewing "dark" video or images, despite the positive rating and reviews.
  3. Does anyone know a 27" monitor for under $300?

    I just missed a deal and wanted to see if I can find another one.
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