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Hi All,
Im looking to upgrade my Dell XPS graphics cards, currently I'm running the Nvidia 8800 GTX with SLI, duel 512.

I have the physics card installed, 4 GB ram running on Window 7, 64 bit.

Im looking to upgrade to, basically the best possible card, I was looking that the 9800 GTX duel 512, but cant seem to find a place to buy it anywhere?!

Would anyone be able to help or suggest another high-end card that would fit

Thanks in advance

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    The cards you can get are dual 9800GTs(Which perform the same as your dual 8800GTX) or dual 9800GTXs(which perform better)but since Dell doesn't sell M1730 any more your best bet is to search in e-bay or ask in www.forum.notebookreview.com and there is a place called market place which you can sell/buy pieces,you can ask there too
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