?proper way to use eq with pinknoise and spectrum analyzer ?

hello ,looking to find out how to use the bsr eq-3000 i picked up off ebay and i did not get a manual and i am looking to find out the proper way use it with the pink noise generator and a microphone . i believe i have the basic concept of the microphone shows the audio response of the system on the spectrum analyzer , but there is so much that i just don't know at this point . thank you in advance
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  1. You want to adjust your EQ or electronic crossover to get a flat reading.
    however, watch out that the very highest frequencies are rolled off...
    The mic must be on-axis at one meter from the speaker. You must use a calibrated RTA microphone.
  2. is there any easy way to tell which type of mic i might have, and another thing what volume level would be best
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