Hey guys I had a quick question hope this is the correct forum.

I just got my new computer a couple days ago, in the mail, and got it all set up... turned it on and the most horrible noise started coming off it.. something like screws tossed into a blinder if you can imagine. I try to locate the source and it seems to be coming from the cpu fan I think. I power the computer on and off a few times and finally hear a 'ping' sound and the horible screeching sound stops. Im left with a sound that is now still fairly loud but I can tolerate it. The computer seems to be running fine. I turned it on yesterday and it is running very quite now for some reason. I decided to run SiSandra to see if any problems could be detected and it said my cpu fan is running to slowly @82 rpm. I have no idea what it should be at. Its a p4 3.2. Is this a huge deal or will it matter? My computer doesnt seem to be overheating or anything now. Anything I can do to fix it, im a fairly large computer noob btw? Or should I have a service guy take a look at it? Any help would be great. Thanks.
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  1. It sounds like the wire for your CPU got caught up in the fins of the heatsink fan. I would have it checked out (if you feel uncomfortable opening the case)by someone. The low rpms point to a problem down the road for you. Or call the tech support of the compay. BTW what kind of computer is it?
  2. Do you think the low rpm a resulting from the wire getting caught in the fan or something totaly different? Either way it sounds like I should get checked out... Thats what warranties are for I guess.

    Its a velocity micro ProMagix btw
  3. Well the wire certainly could be impeding the fan (if that's what happened). I've had it happen on a computer before (actually also happened to a wire w/ the PSU & w/ a wire to fan on a top blowhole) but in those cases the computer case was open and on it's side. Call tech support & see if opening your case voids your warranty. I'm willing to bet that the techie will ask you to check before he considers a RMA. What are your CPU temps now?
  4. Just a followup & afterthought:
    I believe your case has a side window. Can you see the CPU fan through the window? The ProMagix is a high-end computer w/ a good warranty. But being high-end might mean the CPU fan wire is properly wrapped away from the fan.
  5. looking at it now there is a wire that is loose it not connected to anything just kind of hanging there. There are 3 thermometers on the computer, 1 cpu, 1 video card, 1 ambient. I get an error trying to read the cpu temperature. Could that wire be the cpu temp? Or could it be the ambient temp, im not sure where that is taken from?

    well i'll call support when I get a chance for sure.
  6. It would seem there's your problem. It would appear that the fan did indeed cut a wire & part of the wire impedes the fan. Unless of course the fan isn't even working. Can you tell if it's spinning? I would not use the computer until you've spoken w/ tech. They have 24/7 support.
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