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I have recently moved and today I noticed that my computer speakers were picking up a radio station. My computer was off at the time so that only added to the confusion. I did some searching on the web and all they suggested were ferit clamps or something like that. My computer is plugged in to a surge protector and thats plugged in to a grounded outlet. My speakers are not the best they were 50 bucks at bestbuy they are the lgitech x240 so im wondering if they are just unshielded wires in them but that does not explain why the radio station disapears when i pull the audio plug from my computer. I thank you all and eagerly await your answers
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  1. That's cause the radio station is coming from the computer. Do you have cable internet? Install an FM trap on the cable, between the cable company and your modem.
    The audio cables should be wrapped around ferrite beads. The beads come in a RFI suppression kit sold by Palomar Engineers. The kit has all kinds of goodies and instructions.
    You can also install a cable TV isolation transformer if the sub woofer is producing low frequency hum.

    The cable between the computer and the speaker input IS shielded. Or, it better be.
    The speaker wires are unshielded.
  2. thanks for replying, I will order that kit today and should I put those beads on all my plugs or just the audio ones? Also will the FM trap slow down my internet speed at all? I have roadrunner since its the only option in my area and even thou i pay for 20mbs download I only get about 13 on a good day and the though of it getting any slower bothers me. I would also be interested to know how its playing music through a turned off computer
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