Thermaltake silent boost K8 or Venus 12 fan?

For an athlon 64 3000, which one would you go with? The venus 12 seems to have better preformance, and I am not really concerned with noise. THanks!
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  1. Zalman 7000 series.
  2. its better then the thermaltake ones?
  3. I just ordered the Zalman 7000 copper fan. I have a MSI K8T Neo fis2r mobo.
  4. I'm running the venus 12 on mine. The cpu runs cool enough that I can run at the slowest fan speed which is very quiet. It's currently installed on a Gigabyte K8VT800 with no problems.
  5. what do you mean?
  6. Talking about fans wusy.. I'm pretty sure i'm getting the Thermalright SLK-900a.. but what fan should i grab for it?
    I would like something that will allow me to OC like no other.. but then again.. that causes a lot of noise. :(

    p4 2.8 533fsb
    intel mobo
    1gb rdram pc 800
    radeon9800 pro
    120gb seagate s-ata
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