Need help getting the best sound card

Hello Guys .. :hello: I would like to purchase a sound blaster for my system ..

I am using Z68agd80 MSI mother board having THX certified but have no onboard Sound blaster

And I am having ordinary Creative ASBS 300 Speakers but they provide good sound Quality even

I just want to know is there will be any difference if I purchase sound blaster to my system ? :o

if yes what is the simplest and good Sound blaster Please give me good Suggestion

In future I might change speakers even .. you can also suggest me good speakers which match this sound blaster :D
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  1. thx certified....sounds like your motherboard already has an onboard sound card.

    will you notice an improvement? maybe a very slight one. you will notice the different drivers more. i liked the soundblaster drivers back when i had one.

    its only worth buying a soundcard if it has features that your internal one doesnt provide. ie...dolby surround decoding, less noise, etcetera. i've used both internals and externals and as long as its not a junker theres usually no issues.
  2. Ok .. But Please tell me this ..

    What about Speakers ? .. Do speakers need to support the same features like Dolby surround etc etc ..

    I am using Creative SBS 300 2.1 channel ! Will I get any use if I purchase sound blaster now ?

    And also suggest me some good speakers I will think of it to purchase
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    the soundcard does all the decoding. all the speakers need to do is be a speaker.

    as i said...if you require the extra features of a new soundcard or you have a really bad internal soundcard now...then perhaps you want to upgrade. if you dont have these issues then you most likely do not. another reason for upgrading would be if you wanted 5.1 sound (when you buy new speakers) but your current soundcard doesnt offer it.

    generally speaking...any of the logitech speakers above $40 should be more than adequate for most people. not the best speakers ever invented but definitely a good value. they provide enough power for most users.
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  5. Thanks for the clear answer .. Now I will concentrate on some Speakers first !
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