I have an acer aspire one netbook but my speakers sound like their echoing how c

i have a laptop, ov but everytime i go to play music or movies theirs an echo sound from the speakers and i cant figure out how to fix it, can anyone help me? i dont know the model of the computer or anything but i do know its 10.1" led screen and i dont have a spot for discs to go into it.

please help me, id love to be able to watch movies on my computer again!!
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  1. Depending on the type of sound system installed, I'd bet Realtek, you'll want to find the control panel in the programs menu and select a different sound profile. It is probably stuck on "hall" or something like that right now, hence the echo.
  2. hi! thats my problem as well so much echo everytime i make calls and recordings :( can you help?
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