I'm doing something wrong.

My setup was like this:
outside cable into cable box
cable box into TV

I am hooking up a Panasonic SC-BTT195 Blu-Ray theater system. My TV does not support ARC (whatever that is).

Right now I have it hooked up to the TV with a 1.4 HDMI cable and a Optical Digital Audio cable. The Blu Ray looks and sounds amazing, but I cannot watch TV through it. I have to use my TV remote to switch to regular TV, and while there is surround sound, it's hardly anything.

Do I have to go through the cable box? My box does not have either of these connectors.
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  1. It looks like its set up properly.

    Have you gone into the TV settings and made sure it has its internal speakers off and is outputting via optical to an external audio device?

    Also most TV does not broadcast is 5.1 that you will notice. Go into the settings on the sound system and change it to ProLogic and see if that helps it while you're watching tv.
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