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I have a toshiba satellite m35x-s161 that I'm thinking I need to replace the power jack, the thing just keeps shutting down. but in the mean time I need to get the data off the hard drive. Apparently it's a 60 GB eide drive
model# IC25N060ATMR04-0. I can't seem to find an adapter kit that'll fit it so that I can hook it up to my desktop and retrieve the data. I've found a few but none of them look like they'll fit. Like this one


Can someone please help me find the correct adapter kit?

Thank You

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  1. The one you have should work for any 2.5" ATA notebook drive. What does the connector you have look like?
  2. Oh I see, When I pulled the Hard drive out the little adapter thingy from the laptop came out still connected to it. So I pulled that off and it's just a standard 44 pin connector, so I'm thinking that adapter I gave you the link for should work. Ya think?
  3. It should work, yes.
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