Use Android phone to output sound from laptop.

The headphone jack on my laptop is broken and I was wondering if there was any way to set up my android phone as an audio adapter so that I could plug it into my laptop via usb and then plug my headphones into the phone and have it transmit the audio on the laptop,
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  1. not that i know of.

    you might be able to create a streaming signal on a home network and play it using the phone. you can also copy the music/media over to the phone and play it.'d be better off buying an external sound card or getting the port fixed though.
  2. If your laptop has bluetooth, you may want to consider a bluetooth headset. Bluetooth used to be very unreliable, and sounded horrible, but it has advanced much in the last few years. If you do not have built in bluetooth, you may wish to consider getting a bluetooth adapter.
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