5 Ghz P4 - nice , but is it???

<A HREF="http://www20.tomshardware.com/cpu/20031230/images/5255mhz.gif" target="_new">http://www20.tomshardware.com/cpu/20031230/images/5255mhz.gif</A>

eveyone have a look - its nice isn`t it.


i did math , and err - 17 x 309.1 is not 5255.4

its 5254.7

<A HREF="http://www.3dfx-interactive.com/voodoo5-6000/picture6.jpg" target="_new">My 3dfx Voodoo5 6000</A>
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  1. i saw the review also, and i was impressed with that. but it's the world speed record nevertheless, so that is respectable to say the least. well done THG!
  2. But 309.14 x 17 = 5255.4

    I've done my Maths too!

    Would you buy a GPS enabled soap bar?
  3. Hey nobody said that photoshop users needed to be able to do simple math :wink:
  4. LMAO, you can't divide can you?

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  5. OMG!!!

    A 0.7 difference!!!

    That's HUGE!!

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  6. Can you run a decent FPS game while at this speed? I hardly find this anything to rant about (or at least don't call it a decent overclock). If you can't use your PC at this speed - why the hell do it in the first place? What is the purpose of this? POSTING your BIOS? why spend all this effor if you can post your BIOS by UNDERCLOCKING it?

    I would only really call something a decent overclock, if I can run Prime95 in an OS, as well as play a modern FPS game (like UT2k3 or Max Payne 2) and then if it remains stable for 24hours - then say, HEY! we have a decent overclock. Loading WIndows XP is not a decent OC, since the CPU is not even being fully utilised either. Run a serious number crunching app and perhaps PCMark 2003.

    I'm so sick of people claiming to overclock to xxxGhz and they not even stable enough to run notepad on :(
  7. TheRod

    so , i can divide up as well.

    BUT that programme reports it quite acturatley - i`ve seen many cpu fsb`s with 2 decimal places.

    thats why i posted what i did , so dont flame my ass for pointing out the obvious

    <A HREF="http://www.3dfx-interactive.com/voodoo5-6000/picture6.jpg" target="_new">My 3dfx Voodoo5 6000</A>
  8. You say its not a decent overclock because its not for home use. Thats not what the point was. The point was to see how far a P4 could really be pushed, not to see how nice of a home overclock could be done. That was done with the 4.1GHz project. This was simply to set a speed record. As said b4 let them play with their toy, cuz its one hell of a nice toy

    Ya don't say? Is that so?
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