HP Officejet 7500A not compatible with Win XP Pro 64-bit?

I just purchased this great new Wide Format All-In-One printer and failed to read the fine print that DID NOT list Windows XP Pro 64-bit among the supported operating systems. Apparently all other operating systems 32-bit or 64-bit are supported, just not XP 64-bit. I really don't want to return the printer or have to upgrade both my desktop and laptop computers which are both functioning perfectly on Win Xp 64-bit.

I contacted HP and they basically told me that I was SOL. Any other solutions or work-arounds out there? The disk won't let me even install the software, it simply says my os is not compatible.
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  1. finally after 1 hour i've solved the problem.

    i've gone to printer and fax (i don't know the right name i have windows xp 64 in italian language)
    then i've add manually a printer.
    i've selected "printer connected to the pc"
    i've create a new tcp/ip port and give the ip that has the printer (now the printer ip is manual not with dhcp)
    then printer install but not work.
    after i've gone
    to download the bonjour print service

    and finally install bonjour

    it found the printer and install it.

    how my HP Officejet 7500A - E910a works in wifi under Windows XP 64bit SP2.

    hope this will hwlp you...

    see you...
  2. Tony's help was great. I could print with my 7500A in wifi terms, but, culd you scan from it to pc??
    I see in this way we just install the printer driver, but there's not "HP" folder or app after installation... :(
    Did somebody? did you, tony? can you help me? thank you!
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