Hard drive problems (bios not detecting second hard drive)

Hi All

When i boot up my computer it goes though bios and detects all the hard drive ports but then it stops the screen goes black and it boots the bios again but this time it doesn't load sata port 4 which is the one i want to get working. Now i did press the insert key earlier on which on my bios reverts it to original boot settings, which i had to do because i had a driver failure.

Now i want to know how to fix it and make it so it just loads the one or how to get my sata port 4 recognized, Btw its a laptop so i cant just plug it into another port

My system specs

Asus g50vt-x5

Cpu -Intel core 2 duo p8700 2533MHz Oced to 2978MHz
Memory - samsung 4gb 800Mhz
Gpu- Nvidia 9800gs (512mb)
Storage 1st Hdd Seagate 320gb 7200rpm 2nd HDD seagate 320gb 7200rmp

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  1. tried removing the cmos battery didnt help and pressing the ins key again
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