Good Centre speaker in mid-budget range

Hey guys,

Has anyone got recommendations for a decent centre speaker for a budget to mid-range system.

My L/R are bookshelves are of pretty good quality, an Australian manufacturer named Krix that run at 6 ohms 100W max at 88dB for 2.83V.

I got given the bookshelves so I didn't even know the brand and haven't tested them yet as I'm still looking for the right amp :(

Budget is $300-400 Australian which means about $200-280 US equivilant.

Thanks for any advice,

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  1. You can find a lot of brands with decent center channel speakers for that price range. DCM, Klipsch, Polk etc...

    What impedance is your amp/receiver putting out? 4/6/8 ohm?
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    If you still looking for an amplifier then you might want to check the Denon AVR 1312, the Onkyo TX-NR 309 or 509 if you can find prices around $200 to $250. As for the center speaker, check MartinLogan Encore TF Center Channel but that'll extend you budget further, however you can check on Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker for much less. But If you already have a receiver then get the MartinLogan Motion 6 Center Channel Speaker.

    Unfortunately, I can't suggest any better system as I'm not sure where you can find those in Australia.

    As far as your impedance goes, here a link where it might give you a better understanding about it.
  3. Thanks Smurf for the advice, will check out those brands.

    Cheers Rex for the advice on impedence, am reading it now.

    I think I've decided to up the budget to a AVR-1912 as I've read the amp components/power supplies are a cut above the 309 and 1312/1612. The NR508/509 was a close second but a friend let me know his mate gets 30% off Denon here thru the wholesaler so that changes things a bit and I understand the 1912 is better than the 509

    The Encore TF looks good and specs seem amazing and I am good at blowing budgets.. Can't find a listed Aus price as yet, will make a few call tomorrow.

    Thanks both Guys,

    If I'm making a mistake with the 1912 to run 6 ohms speakers lemme know but it will get ordered in 24hrs :)
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  5. Denon AVR-1912 is a better choice and an upgrade than what I suggested before, plus if you're getting 30% off... it would be a better purchase. Denon are very good with mix impedance as long as your speakers impedance does not vary that much like 2 ohms with 8 ohms. I'd go for Denon over Onkyo if price and performance are in the same league.
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